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Using IEBEDIT to randomize Job Control Language steps on the mainframe

The IEBEDIT utility for mainframe programming copies data into new data sets and retains the original order. So is it possible to switch IEBEDIT to 'random mode'?

Is it possible to execute JCL steps randomly (of our own choice) by using the IEBEDIT utility? I heard coding DPRTY in the step will serve this purpose. I think DPRTY coded on the step level is just ignored. 

I am not sure what you want to accomplish with randomizing mainframe JCL steps, but the answer is no.

The only way to execute Job Control Language steps in this way would be to wrap another mainframe programing language such as SAS, REXX or COBOL around the JCL. You would then submit the JCL to the internal reader INTRDR for processing.

DPRTY is a very old JCL keyword for dispatch priority. DPRTY was basically ignored depending on the settings in the Installation Control Specification (ICS) used on the operating system.

The ICS was used prior to WLM Goal Mode, which took over as the only option for mainframes with z/OS 1.3 and above. However, even before OS/390, the DPRTY JCL keyword was ignored.

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