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The task of creating CICS regions

I've been given the task of building some CICS regions (this due to resource shortage). My understanding of CICS is more than average but never worked as a CICS admin and certainly have never build any CICS regions!

Is there a Build CICS Region for Dummie's manual or any documents that you can recommend that describe this task step-by-step? I am fully aware of RACF issues involved here.

PS: I can hear you laughing your head off now!

Well, I'm not having a laugh but I certainly have a bit of a smile on my face.

If you are going to increase the number of CICS regions, there are various configuration strategies to consider based on why you are doing the increase. If it's just a bandwidth problem, then you will probably go for merely a set of cloned AORs and use the standard routing functions in the TOR to distribute the transactions around.

What I think you need to read up on are the various CPSM books which talk about workload availability. There are also some Red Books on this topic (they tend to go under titles with "Sysplex" in them).

As far as actually creating a CICS region, then I think that the CICS documentation is probably sufficient. You will already have got all the RACF or DB2 definitions (at the MVS level) in place as you will be using them for all your other CICS regions. I'd be very inclined to just create the various files required and then copy an existing CSD. They just get another APPLID defined in the relevant SYSD1.VTAMLST member and you should be able to bring up the region with an existing SIT. The extra work, once you have got the new region going, will be adding the various linkages to the other regions and then get the routing stuff in the TOR active.

Once you have created a suitable sequence of JCL steps, it all becomes fairly simple to create new regions (just a global change on an index level).

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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