PDU Cables showcases new offerings

The CEO of PDU cables discusses the company's new cable seat grommets, which it introduced at Data Center World 2008.

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PDU Cables showcases new offerings

Mark Fontecchio: Hi. I'm Mark Fontecchio. I'm a news writer with TechTarget and I'm
behind the camera and I have with me Duncan Lee, who is the CEO of PDU Cables.
Duncan is going to talk to me a little bit about some of the existing and new products that
PDU Cables has. Go ahead, Duncan.

Duncan Lee: Hi. This is our Air-Guard Cable Seal. This is used to seal cable openings
in a raised floor environment. PDU Cables' primary product us under floor power
distribution cables. Every location we provide power to, normally would require a
product like this. We've been selling this particular product for the last 3 years. Our
product is unique in its design and that it has a removable brush, which you can see right here,
which allows a user to remove the floor tile without disconnecting their power or
data cable assemblies. We also have, our design is a overlaping brush where our
competitor's design has a double brush system that actually butts together. We've
recently had Independent Test Laboratories test both products and results have been
very positive, in almost all cases sealing as much as 96% or greater. This particular
product is for a specific hole cut-out size. We also have a surface mount product where
there's holes already cut in existing data center that need to be sealed. So this would go on
top of the raised floor and used to seal for that application.

We recently just expanded. Oh, I'm sorry. We have a safety cover also which
makes our product unique, which covers the opening when the product is not
being used and for the initial installation period so nobody accidentally steps through
the hole and that has been very well received by our customers as well. Three new
products that we are here to introduce today. We have what we call our Air-Guard
Extreme which, again, has the safety cover as seen here, the overlapping brush, but
we also have a neoprene seal in addition to the brush to give it an even greater seal
than our current product. We have our Air-Block, which is a new 6" circular seal for
workstations in a data center that have fewer cables going through. This is, again,
a 2-piece design coming apart like this, safety cover, neoprene seal that has different
hole cut-outs for both power and data cable assemblies and, again, for applications
where you do not need the bigger cut-out. Nice, clean trim. Two screws to attach,
again, this product, once it goes through the cut-out. And then we have this particular
product here which is a Cable Cut-out Kit. The single biggest or most requested
item we've had, and we've been doing this Data Center Shows for the last 5 years.
Is for existing holes that are already cut and people asking for a specific hole size.
We have now, an answer to those requests where we have the overlapping brush,
that can be cut to the exact size that they require. Then we have the trim kit which is
also cut to accommodate the edge and to make it look, again, very professional once
the final installation is complete. Those all go together to basically create a complete...

Mark Fontecchio: And they can cut that plastic so that it is as short as they need it?

Duncan Lee: Exactly and you have the other one on the side doing the same thing,
so you can basically accommodate all different hole openings. Those brushes come in 1 foot
and 2 foot pieces, so you can imagine then the different variations that one could put together.

Mark Fontecchio: OK, great. Well, Duncan, thanks a lot for talking to us.

Duncan Lee: Thank you.

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