Hewlett-Packard's ProLiant SL servers

By Mark Fontecchio
News Writer, SearchDataCenter.com

Hewlett-Packard Co. demonstrated its new ProLiant SL server line at the HP Tech Forum in Las Vegas this week. The line includes three servers right now, including one that is able to cram 16 processor cores into 1U of rackspace.

This video is about 2.5 minutes long.

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Interviewee: So, this one right here is the SL160Z, is what you see. This is actually the same system board as the DL160G6, 18 DIM slots, two processors, and then, of course, it has the two PCI slots. This PCI slot is actually an internal PCI slot that allows you to drive the two internal large form factor hard drives. This particular one, the SL160Z is really designed for that maximum expansion, 144 gigs of max memory.

When you come over to this one, this is the SL170Z. Same chassis, so it still has the shared infrastructure. The difference here is it uses a half-width system board. The half-width system board is still a full-featured system board. So it has 16 DIM slots, two processors, and a low profile PCI. We didn't skimp on the system boards. What we did is we created a 1U 6-drive; it supports six large form factor hard drives. That's something that you can't currently do on a 1U server.

1U server, you can currently do four large form factor drives, but now you can do six. So you're talking about six terabytes of storage in a 1U. Still uses the same chassis, so it's still the same shared infrastructure.

Then we have the SL2 x 170Z and that is exactly what it sounds like. Its two SL170 system boards on a single server tray, so now you have a total of four independent systems in the Z6000 chassis . That's the name of the chassis.

Interviewer: That's really packed in there, isn't there?

Interviewee: It's really packed in there. So you have your two power supplies, or like I said, you can run it off of one or you can run it off of two. Then it has the shared frames.

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