Hewlett-Packard demonstrates its Performance Optimized Data center (POD)

By Mark Fontecchio
News Writer, SearchDataCenter.com

In this video, Hewlett-Packard shows off Performance Optimized Data center (POD), which is its version of a containerized data center. Though HP boasts of being able to deploy a fully stocked POD in six weeks, it comes with a hefty seven-figure price tag, and as you'll see in this video, server maintenance might be a little tight.

The video runs about two minutes.

Read the full transcript from this video below: 
Hewlett-Packard demonstrates its Performance Optimized Data center (POD)

Woman Speaker: You can also access the IT the same way you would in the data center, so pull IT out from the front of the racks. Full access to the back of the racks, through the doors, it comes out the back, goes into the heat exchangers overhead, it is water-cooled, so you have to add water, power in the front.

We can build a pod really quickly. Using our factory express service capabilities and leveraging out supply chain. From the time we get an order, we can build a pod, install all the power and cooling, the racks and even fill it full of IT. Load your applications on that IT and test it and ship a pod out in six weeks.

Questioner: Six weeks?

Woman Speaker: Six weeks. So, really quick, if people need capacity, have hit a wall in their data center or they're building on a traditional data center and they hit some kind of a snag where they though they'd be done and they're not going to be done, and they need capacity, any number of reasons. The speed of deployment is pretty incredible.

The MSRP in the pod is about 1.4 million and that is not including the cost of the IT that goes inside, which obviously...

Questioner: Oh, okay.

Woman Speaker: ...varies dramatically based on what you put in it.

Questioner: Okay.

Woman Speaker: We have done a lot of analysis, the amount of capacity that the pod gives you is about the equivalent of a 4,000 to 5,000 square foot data center, in a 40 foot shipping container. If you compare capacity, traditional brick and mortar versus a pod, your pod is usually about 10%.

Questioner: Is it over your head or...

Man Speaker: Yeah, over your head, yeah.

Questioner: ...off to the side or something?

Man Speaker: Yeah. It would be tight.

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