Common data center hurdles: Cooling and power distribution problems

A data center manager discusses his primary problems: aging AC units and not-so-green hardware.

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Common data center hurdles: Cooling and power distribution problems

Jan Stafford: Hi, Jan Stafford behind the camera here, and I'm taking with Clarence Rogers. He's a data center manager. What do you see is the most common problems in your data center?

Clarence Rogers: Most common problems that I see in my data center, and currently for everybody else right now, is cooling and power distribution. Particularly in my data center, I have a lot of aging AC units that I must start looking at replacing. And trying to figure out a way to either replace them, we do controls on them, then trying to get upper management to buy into newer hardware. Hopefully, that we'll advise them by saying they must do something now or they going to put up more money in the long run in the cooling of the data center. Hopefully trying to convince us, maybe we can start going green, even though this is a retrofit data center that we have.

Jan Stafford: Well, thanks a lot Clarence.

Clarence Rogers: Thank you.

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