Virtualization Learning Guide: Chapter Two

Virtualization Learning Guide

All-in-One Guide: Virtualization
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Chapter Two: Selecting a Vendor

Got questions about virtualizations? We've got answers. Check out these links and learn all you need to know about what's hot in the virtualization field.



Red Hat to include Xen virtualization in next Linux release

Open source software company Red Hat has announced that the next major release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), scheduled for late 2006, will feature a fully integrated server virtualization capability.

BMC to launch predictive virtualization management tool

BMC Software recently rolled out a suite of predictive virtualization management tools, aiming to help companies estimate and plan for future virtual machine use.

Virtualization startup focuses on SMP, management

IT giants made virtualization a household name this year and newer companies have been eager to get in on the action. Virtual Iron is one of the latest companies to get involved.

Open Source virtual server software a likely dark horse

When hardware from Intel and AMD arrives in 2006, Windows shops will have a price-friendly option for server virtualization that comes from the open source community.

HP expands virtualization offerings

New releases from HP are aimed at making virtualization management faster and easier.

Virtualization juggernaut opens code to partners

This week, VMware opened up the source code to its flagship product, VMware ESX Server, to a host of vendors in the x86 space.

Sun, VMware join forces

Virtualization giant VMware recently scored a major partnership when Sun Microsystems announced it would deliver VMware's software onto Sun Fire x64 servers and the StorEdge 6920.

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