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Exploring different Linux distributions? Check out Ubuntu, a Debian-based Linux distribution whose name is derived from a Zulu word meaning "humanity towards others."

Distribution: Ubuntu

Exploring different Linux distributions? Check out Ubuntu, a Debian-based Linux distribution whose name is derived from a Zulu word meaning "humanity towards others." In this guide, you'll find definitions, chapter downloads, industry news and community websites. email us!

Getting started:


Chapter downloads:

  • Chapter 4 of The Official Ubuntu Book
    This excerpt covers administrative tasks like installing WINE with Synaptic, adding/removing open source/proprietary apps to the desktop, configuring printers and more.

  • Chapter 7 of Ubuntu Linux for Non-geeks
    In, "Dressing up the bird," readers will discover customization of the desktop and tasks like creating a user accounts and adding toolbars.

  • Chapter 20, Adding, updating and removing software, from Ubuntu Linux Bible
    Troubleshoot and tackle repositories, software and updates in Chapter 20 -- Adding, updating and removing software -- from the Ubuntu Linux Bible.

Industry news

  • Ubuntu Linux: To the server side and beyond?
    The combo of a renewed push for Ubuntu on the server and new thin client support could spark interest in IT managers looking for less expensive alternatives to Red Hat and Windows.

  • Users see wider desktop adoption in Ubuntu's future
    Ubuntu users love Ubuntu's easy installation and community support. But will Ubuntu, a free commercial Linux desktop, take market share away from Red Hat and Novell?

  • Linux expert sees expanded role for Ubuntu on the server
    Ubuntu founding member and author Benjamin Mako Hill explains why Ubuntu could have the server chops to make big gains now that version 6.06 is such a success.

  • Could Dapper Drake give Ubuntu a last laugh in Linux server space?
    Could dapper little Linux distro Ubuntu have what it takes to take a spot in the Linux server market? One analyst firm thinks it does, but only if handler Canonical Ltd. steers clear of the practices of Red Hat and Novell.

  • Oracle and Linux: How about Ubuntu?Industry pundits mull over the possibilities following recent comments by Oracle's Larry Ellison that he might like to have a version of Linux all for his very own.

  • Ubuntu open source OS available on Sun Sparc servers
    Ubuntu will release a new version of its open source OS in June that, for the first time, will be available for servers and compatible with Sun's UltraSparc T1-based servers.

Community links

  • Ubuntu forums
    Get started in Ubuntu from the ground up. Whether you're an absolute beginner or an expert Ubuntu user, this site offers help on installations, hardware, upgrades and more.

  • Unofficial Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) Starter Guide
    Questions and answers covering installation, server and desktop use of Ubuntu 6.06, the latest version of Ubuntu.

  • Kubuntu community website
    Kubuntu is a user friendly operating system based on KDE, the K Desktop Environment.

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