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Top mainframe tips of the past year

This useful compilation of mainframe tips from the past 12 months approaches topics such as successful mainframe migration strategies and IBM z/OS 1.12 features.

The staff of has compiled a list of important tips on mainframe management in the enterprise. From everything including improving CICS security on the mainframe to deploying a successful mainframe migration strategy, these tips culled from the past 12 months will assist you in ensuring that your mainframes are running efficiently as an integral part of your data center.


Coding a simple mainframe cryptography program
Learn how to use the Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility to code a System z cryptography program.

Dealing with CICS/MQ trigger interface quirks
In this tip, learn how to fix CICS/MQ trigger problems including application messages left behind in the queue.

Developing a successful mainframe migration strategy
Develop a carefully planned mainframe migration strategy by triaging software, staging the process, and using third parties, in order to avoid downtime in your data center.

Efficiently managing z/OS WLM
Learn how to effectively manage IBM's z/OS Workload Manager, as the once next-generation workload and performance management tool doesn't always provide balanced workloads.

Expanding CICS security on the mainframe
When a CICS security system wants to use resources in a new way or non-CICS components seek to be secured, you may need to improve the CICS security on the mainframe.

Exploring event processing features in CICS TS 4.1
Event processing features in CICS TS 4.1 include the event binding editor, the event adapter, and event capture.

How is CICS prepared for future IT market demands?
A mainframe expert explains which features, including Task Control Blocks, will position CICS for the future of mainframe demands.

IBM upgrades Parallel Sysplex, boosts importance of mainframe clustering
Data centers can consolidate large numbers of apps on the mainframe and reduce administrative costs by taking advantage of recent upgrades to IBM's mainframe clustering solution, Parallel Sysplex.

IBM z/OS 1.12: New features, improvements explained
IBM's recent announcement of IBM z/OS 1.12, to be released later on in 2010, includes mainframe OS features such as security enhancements and the new Run Time Diagnostics.

Improve CICS Web services security and handle Web transaction requests
In this tip from Robert Crawford, see how to improve CICS transaction handling and CICS Web services security by coding a message handler for security checking and changing the CICS transaction ID.

IMS version 11: Reviewing features and functions of IBM's new release
Robert Crawford updates end-users on IBM IMS 11's features including database quiesce, transaction management, and other programming enhancements.

Mainframe debugging using GTF trace output
This tip will help with narrowing down unmanageable piles of MVS General Trace Facility ouput to simplify mainframe debugging.

Not defining Web services in a CICS SOA
How do you work around defining Web services in a CICS SOA? A mainframes expert explains how to use the Web services binding directory to navigate Web services and avoid definition.

Troubleshooting PGMIDERR/AEI0 ABEND in CICS Transaction Gateway
CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG) allows Java clients to communicate with CICS in a simplified manner. Learn how to fix PGMIDERR/AEI0 ABEND errors within CTG, since the error isn't as simple as the program.

Use CICS Management Facility for record compression
Save CPU and DASD by using CICS Management Facility to compress records.

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