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Tips for implementing IT Service Management in a down economy

Data center budgets are tight during a recession, but this economic downturn is a great opportunity for IT process improvements. Implementing a CMDB and ITIL can help reduce costs and improve IT services.

For the data center manager dealing with budget cuts, IT process improvement projects can get derailed for being too expensive or of lesser importance. But improving IT service management can reduce data center costs and improve efficiency in an IT organization. The following tips will help you improve IT efficiency through this down economy.

IT Service Management -- ITSM
Making the case for ITSM in a recession
In a down economy, businesses cannot afford to waste resources, including time, money and management attention. Managing IT services with IT Infrastructure Library-defined processes can be a starting point.

Getting started with change management: ITSM basics
If you're embarking on an IT service management process, ITIL-based change management is a great place to get started. This discipline can have the most immediate impact on an IT organization's effectiveness. Learn the basics of change management in this tip.

Five tips for doing ITSM on the cheap
IT service management can focus your organization and improve services, but you need to know how to do it inexpensively during a recession.

Configuration management database tools: Roadmap for ITSM
Focus on ROI: Justifying a CMDB implementation While budgets may be tight, a CMDB is a crucial building block to IT Service Management success. In fact, a CMDB can save organizations money by reducing the hardware footprint, improving management of software licenses and tightening outsourcing agreements.

Top five CMDB implementation tips
What are the keys to a successful CMDB implementation? Experts from Gartner and Forrester weigh in with their top five tips to make the most of your CMDB.

Common CMDB implementation mistakes
When it comes to implementing a CMDB, there are many pitfalls for an organization to avoid. Learn what not to do when it comes to your CMDB project.

ITIL Certification: Job security in a down market
Professional development: Gaining ITIL Foundation certification
This IT job market is grim, and candidates need every edge they can get. The ITIL Foundation certification indicates that an IT professional has a basic understanding of IT processes and terminology. This certification could help job security or offer a leg up in a tough job market.

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