The benefits of ITIL implementation in the data center

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework can help data centers organize their IT resources, track changes to the system and see how these changes affect service levels. This section of our ITIL processs guide offers up advice and user stories on the benefits of ITIL implementation in the data center.

Does your data center need ITIL?
Is confusion about ITIL's definition, implementation and requirements holding you back from adopting the IT Service Management framework? Get your facts straight and find out how ITIL can bring order to your service-oriented data center.

Making ITIL processes work for your data center: Table of contents
Chapter 1: The benefits of ITIL implementation in the data center

Chapter 2: ITSM best practices and change management

Chapter 3: ITIL certification benefits

Chapter 4: CMDBs and ITIL

ITIL: Managing change, breaking down silos
In this installment of our guide on ITIL processes in the data center, find out how ITIL can help data center managers gain a better understanding of the assets and resources at their disposal.

ITIL aids compliance efforts
Find out how ITIL processes helped financial services company Sallie Mae Inc. in its efforts to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley.

Getting started with ITIL deployment
Learn how to implement ITIL processes without getting lost in the complexity in this installment of our guide on ITIL in the data center.

Using ITIL v3 service transition lifecycle to bring IT services into production
The ITIL v3 service transition lifecycle can help IT organizations introduce new releases into production with a smaller chance of error once systems are live.

Data center consolidation strategy can benefit from ITIL lifecycle
ITIL processes can help ease the complexity and risk of data center consolidation projects.

Using ITIL to bridge the IT-facilities gap, boost data center efficiency
To achieve data center energy efficiency, the IT and facilities departments must be able to communicate effectively. ITIL framework can help bridge the IT-facilities gap and help make a green data center a reality.

Digging into ITIL turns up potential career GOLD
A consultant discusses how IT groups can benefit from the documentation provided by the ITIL framework and and points to some useful ITIL resources.

Dig Deeper on IT compliance and governance strategies