Step 3: Clear goals and achievable deliverables

Managing a successful IT Project isn't just a technical and organizational issue. It's about managing people. Poor communication, internal politics, poor teamwork, lack of management support and poor planning are the primary reasons that projects fail. Here are the twelve keys to project management success.

Make sure the Project has clear goals and achievable, objective deliverables. It's common for people to hype up the benefits and scope of their projects to secure more funding and improve their profile. But setting unrealistic goals and project schedules is one of the primary reasons so many projects fail. You'll need to be honest with the sponsors and stakeholders about the reality of the project. Everyone wants it better, faster, and cheaper. Work with your sponsors to set realistic project milestones and specific project phases. Make sure your deliverables are set in stone, so they don't constantly change, expand, or shift over time.


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Step 03: Clear goals and achievable, objective deliverables

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Step 11: Keep your deliverables in mind

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