Nagios: Configuration and integration advice

Check out our guide to open source networking monitoring tool Nagios for expert advice, tips, case studies and news.


Sick of paying big bucks for proprietary tools like HP's Openview or CA's Unicenter? Look no further than Nagios, an open source network monitoring tool that's enterprise-ready and expert-recommended to replace commercial solutions. Check out our guide to Nagios, where we list expert advice, tips, case studies and the latest news on this tool.


   Introduction to Nagios
   Configuring Nagios
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Introduction to Nagios               Return to table of contents

Definition: What is Nagios?

Expert advice: How does Nagios work for network monitoring?
Open source software and applications expert Bernard Golden recommends Nagios, an open source network monitoring tools, as a best fit for server management needs.

Tip: Golden's Rules: Beyond the LAMP stack - A guide to open source Nagios, Xen & Asterisk
Open source expert Bernard Golden gives a tour of such lesser-known, enterprise-ready open source products as Nagios, Xen and Asterisk.

Expert advice: Integrating Nagios with BMC patrol
Security expert and author of Pro Nagios 2.0, James Turnbull, explains that Nagios can be how Nagios can be used with BMC Patrol.

 Expert advice: Switching from commercial network management products to Nagios
Open source expert Bernard Golden explains what commercial products can be replaced with Nagios.


Configuring Nagios                 Return to table of contents

Network monitoring with Nagios, Part 1
Bernard Golden discusses the usefulness and architecture of open source network monitoring tool Nagios.

Network monitoring with Nagios, Part 2
Bernard Golden looks at example Nagios configuration in this tip.

Tip: Nagios plug-ins help device monitoring
Find out where to go for customized Nagios plug-ins that will help you monitor Windows and Linux machines and get some timesaving tips.

Tip: Nagios: Balancing passive and active checks
The author of Network monitoring with Nagios suggests a workaround for balancing active and passive checks and explains the impact of service failures.

Tip: Nagios Looking Glass: Getting started
Nagios Looking Glass (NLG) allows users to access Nagios data on a Web server via an HTTP connection. Learn how to set up the NLG client-server model in this tip.

Tip: Managing events with Nagios Event Broker
Use modules with Nagios Event Broker, a server event output and integration tool, for receiving events and executing code on them. In this tip, you'll learn how NEB functions, what modules are available and how to find other modules.

 Expert advice: Using custom plug-ins with Nagios
Discover how to modify Nagios for use with XML

Expert advice: Monitoring Web pages using Nagios
Security expert and Pro Nagios 2.0 author James Turnbull explains how to monitor the amount of time spent on Web pages using Nagios.


 Nagios chapter downloads           Return to table of contents

Chapter download: Chapter 1 -- Best practices -- of Building a Monitoring Infrastructure with Nagios Discover what pitfalls to avoid when making design choices for your Nagios installation.


Chapter download: Chapter 2 -- Basic objection configuration -- of Pro Nagios 2.0 Get started on the basics of configuring your Nagios server to monitor hosts and services. Learn the differences between Nagios object types and their capabilities.

Chapter download: Chapter 7 -- Testing local resources -- of Nagios: System and Network Monitoring Learn how to test plug-ins over a local network since some lack their own network protocols



 Nagios news                        Return to table of contents

Tip: Looking ahead to Nagios 3.0
GroundWork James Turnbull, author of Pro Nagios 2.0, describes the new features in the upcoming Nagios 3.0 enterprise monitoring program.

Case study: Nagios network monitoring felled by SNMP false alarms
False alarms were keeping one IT director up way past his bedtime, but one open source systems management and monitoring application quickly became the perfect sleeping pill.

Case study: Firms find open source way to save over HP OpenView
For one-tenth the cost of systems management software from Hewlett-Packard and the like, IT managers chose an outsourced solution based on the open source Nagios stack.

Article: Chief Splunker: Splunk + Nagios = quick data center fixes
Find out why Splunk is adding Nagios, a popular open source monitoring tool, to its data center troubleshooter in this interview with chief Splunker Michael Baum.

 Article: Systems monitoring expert Taylor Dondich discusses monitoring with Nagios
GroundWork Open Source senior developer Taylor Dondich discusses open source network monitoring with Nagios and the future of open source software in the data center.

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