Linux troubleshooting fast guide

This useful reference guide to Linux troubleshooting involves everything you need to know to manage Linux in the enterprise, from addressing boot problems to recovering your Linux server.

Linux troubleshooting can be a painstaking process at times, especially when it involves complex issues such as the Linux kernel. So, we have put together this handy reference for troubleshooting Linux servers. This compliation of tips from Sander van Vugt will guide you through Linux troubleshooting, covering everything from managing Linux boot problems to solving server hangs and repairing ext3 file systems.

Recovering your Linux server with a Knoppix rescue disk

By using Knoppix, you can recover lost data on a Linux server when it isn't booting properly, and can access root file systems by mounting the Linux file systems.

Troubleshooting Linux boot problems

Learn about the boot procedure and how to fix a Linux server boot problem when the login screen fails to appear at system startup.

Fixing Linux boot problems with GRUB

Learn how to re-install GRUB or manually enter GRUB commands, and fix Linux boot problems when the boot process isn't working because of GRUB errors.

Backing up the Linux master boot record

Make a Linux master boot record backup (MBR) to avoid boot errors related to GRUB and the partition table, which are housed in the MBR.

How to fix master boot record partition table problems

In five steps, learn how to recover a master boot record partition table -- without it, you won't be able to access any information on your server or hard drive.

Troubleshooting Logical Volume Manager boot problems

If there are Logical Volume Manager (LVM) boot problems, manually initialize the device to troubleshoot LVM issues, and avoid future issues managing server disk space.

How to solve logical volume management issues

Learn tips on solving logical volume management issues such as excluding Logical Volume Manager devices and activating logical volumes manually when in an inactive state.

Solving Linux server hangs stemming from kernel issues

Solve Linux server hangs due to Linux kernel problems by taking the first step of determining if the hang is interruptible or non-interruptible.

Access and repair an ext3 file system with the superblock

Learn how to access and repair a damaged ext3 file system with the superblock, which contains data about the file system.

Troubleshooting Linux networking problems

Troubleshoot Linux networking issues by determining the existence of the network card, and checking hardware configuration and drivers.

Booting a Xen virtual machine from CD-ROM or DVD

When there's problems with a Xen virtual machine, learn how to boot Xen from a disk on Linux using Xen as a virtual machine host.

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