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Linux and the cloud: Tips, news and advice

Where does Linux fit into the cloud as an operating system? This digest of tips, news and advice features topics such as the best open source cloud monitoring tools, and the surge in popularity of open source in the cloud.

Linux is the operating system of choice for major cloud platforms. This role is even more important with a recent report that predicts technology and data will exist mostly in the cloud by 2020. The flexibility and reliability of Linux combined with relatively low cost makes it the most attractive platform for cloud services. This digest filled with tips, news, blogs, advice and interviews will give you everything you need related to Linux and the cloud, from a list of the various open source cloud projects, case studies, new Linux vendor offerings for cloud computing, and more. The IT world is shifting to the cloud, and Linux is an integral part of the process.

Table of Contents:

Linux in the cloud
What's going on in the cloud: New applications, partnerships and projects
How to use Linux in the cloud

  Linux in the cloud

Learning Center: Open source's role in cloud computing
An established group of tools already makes up the open source cloud market.  Keep track of Red Hat and the other major players in this all-encompassing guide.

Advice: Deciphering Red Hat's cloud computing strategy
While Red Hat has been a major cloud computing player, its cloud offerings and how they're linked together are not always intuitive.

Article: Linux's position in cloud computing efforts
Where is Linux in cloud computing? As technology advances, its role is cemented at the top of cloud OSes.

Column: Open source gains popularity in private clouds
Open source is gaining steam in the private cloud according to attendees at OSCON.

Article: Linux operating system future is in cloud computing and devices
Experts say that Linux is pushing toward easier deployment and management, and will be joined at the hip with cloud computing.

Interview: Former MySQL CEO talks Eucalyptus and cloud computing
Marten Mickos went from a huge open source project in MySQL to working at Eucalyptus, and he discusses why he's backing the cloud.

Tip: Linux vendor offerings for cloud computing
See how Linux vendors' cloud computing tools compare and choose which ones are right for you.

Case study: DreamWorks uses Red Hat cloud to cut filmmaking costs
Major movie studio DreamWorks used an RHEL-based cloud to cut costs and boost film production.

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  What's going on in the cloud:
New applications, partnerships and projects


Blog: Ubuntu founder's new mantra: Free the clouds
Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth says cloud frameworks should remain free open source like the hypervisor.

Blog: Don't want to go to the cloud? Cassatt says to build your own
Data center admins who may be hesitant to move to the cloud should look at all of the advantages and possibly move towards creating an internal cloud.

Blog: Trawling for ideas in Open Cirrus -- HP's stab at a free cloud
HP's own open source cloud computing platform is detailed.

Article: XCP aims to standardize open source virtualization
The Xen Cloud Project promotes open standards for private clouds.

Tip: Novell SLES Mono Extension could put Windows on mainframe, in cloud
One mainframes expert explains how the Novell SLES Mono Extension could allow cloud providers to cost-effectively run apps on the mainframe.

Article: VMware adds open source support for vCloud
VMware releases Java and Python SDKs for vCloud in an effort to lure enterprises to vCloud.

Article: A cloud computing open source love fest
A culmination of several big announcements in open source cloud computing.

Article: Red Hat KVM underpins IBM test-and-dev cloud
IBM's test and development cloud relies on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, but some in the industry are unsure about this strategy.

Article: Ubuntu 10.04 facilitates cloud-based file storage and social media
Ubuntu 10.04 Linux features integration with social media and cloud file storage.

Blog: Open source cloud monitoring tool in beta
Comments on the GroundWork Open Source and Eucalyptus partnership and their work on a monitoring tool for the Eucalyptus private cloud.

Article: Eucalyptus adds to private cloud with GroundWork
Two open source companies have partnered to work on Eucalyptus' private cloud technology.

Article: Linux community turning away from Xen virtualization
Cloud providers are ditching the open source favorite in Xen for KVM.

Resource: Open source cloud projects
An up-to-date list of important open source cloud projects.

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  How to use Linux in the cloud

Tip: Comparing open source cloud platforms: OpenStack versus Eucalyptus
Rackspace and NASA's recent open source cloud platform, OpenStack, which promises do-it-yourself clouds in a test environment, is compared with the stalwart Eucalyptus.

Tip: Five open source tools for building and managing clouds
See some open source offerings other than Linux and Xen that can benefit cloud users.

Tip: Installing Ubuntu 9.10 and the Eucalyptus enterprise cloud computing platform
This tip details how to install Ubuntu 9.10 with Eucalyptus enterprise cloud and utilize its management of applications.

Tip: Setting up cloud computing with Eucalyptus
Set up Eucalyptus on Ubuntu Linux to perform your own cloud computing solution.

Tip: Amazon's EC2 and the open source cloud projects
Open source cloud platforms combined with Amazon's EC2 can quickly get a cloud app developed and deployed.

Tip: Comparing cloud risks and virtualization risks for data center apps
Compare cloud and virtualization risks and benefits in choosing the appropriate environment for your applications.

Article: Xen support being dropped by Red Hat, what should customers do?
Learn what Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers and cloud providers should do to prepare for the transition from Xen to KVM, as RHEL 6 will not support Xen.

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