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Linux and Unix: Integration and interoperability tips

Is your company using both Unix and Linux, or is it joining those who are switching to Linux? Either way, this Linux/Unix links library has tips for you.

Is your company using both Unix and Linux, or is it joining those who are switching to Linux? Either way, this...

Linux/Unix links library has tips for you. If you don't find what you're looking for, ask our Unix-to-Linux expert a question.


Expert advice: Your Unix or Linux server can't see Windows shared drives? Try Samba!
"I have a lab at home that includes HP/UX, AIX, Solaris on Intel, Linux and Windows (98 & 2000). The AIX and HP/UX servers..."

Expert advice: Partitioning in Unix and Linux 7.2
"Why do Unix and Linux, up to Linux version 7.2, require primary partitioning and later versions of Linux do not?"

Tip: Mainframe Linux vs. Unix
Discover how Linux on the mainframe -- in this case, the IBM System z Server -- compares with Unix, in terms of its availability, features and performance.


Tip: Linux/Unix commands: How to get copy, conversion power with dd
Learn how to use dd, a Linux command for handling convert-and-copy tasks. An expert shows how to clone your hard drive, create a backup of your Master Backup Record and increase your swap space.


Tip: When Linux trumps Unix and vice versa
For many IT organizations, migrating to Linux from Unix can be beneficial. In this tip, an expert opines on when it's worth it and when it isn't.


Tip: Unix to Linux: Migration steps and porting
In this tip, an expert describes the issues involved in the phases and technical implementation of a Unix-to-Linux migration.


Tip: Unix-to-Linux migrations: Guidelines, distro choices and hardware optimization
Get comprehensive, step-by-step advice for your Unix-to-Linux migration testing environment and hardware optimization tips in this interview.


Tip: Porting criteria: Migrating apps from Unix to Linux
Don't skimp on testing or creating a sandbox environment to play in when porting your Unix apps to Linux. This is only one piece of advice an expert gives in his Unix porting guide.


Expert advice: Security differences between Linux and Unix
"Are there security differences between Unix and Linux? Which one is more secure?"

This was last published in March 2007

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