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Enterprise Grid Alliance addresses obstacles
Paul Strong, chairman of the Enterprise Grid Alliance (EGA) technical steering committee and systems architect at Sun Microsystems Inc., wants to cut through grid computing hype.

Grid's cloud of confusion lifting
Grid computing is leaving the state of confusion and entering the mainstream datacenter. Experts believe concrete results have helped the technology overcome its cloudy definition.

EGA gives grid computing a pragmatic push
A first-of-its-kind reference model from the Enterprise Grid Alliance (EGA) may become another factor driving the adoption of grid computing.

What's holding up utility computing?
Pricing for grid, utility or on-demand computing poses challenges absent in traditional licensing. Experts blame pricing complexities for the slow adoption of the technology.

Emic CEO: Open source platforms to get more support
The CEO of Emic Networks expounds on the benefits of Java and open source, and clears up some longstanding misconceptions about grid computing and clustering.

What is grid computing?
Grid computing expert Ian Foster provides his take on what grid computing is exactly.

Using grid for good
World Community Grid, an organization dedicated to deploying grid computing for humanitarian efforts, recently enlisted its 100,000th computer in less than six months.

Rethinking grid computing as a mainstream solution
A panel of grid computing experts argue that grid's days as a widespread player in the mainstream computing space aren't far off.

Sun scales back grid initiative
Sun promised its N1Grid computing project would operate in a multiplatform environment. Now company officials say the project will focus on Sun hardware first.

Intel answers Project MegaGrid questions at LinuxWorld
Intel's Sunil Saxena answers questions about Project MegaGrid and discusses how the newest technology from Intel fits into the larger grid computing picture.

Data centers adopt on-demand on own terms
With more companies turning to on-demand computing, some decision makers are reevaluating business/IT integration issues. But what does on-demand mean, and who is defining it?

IBM, others take grid computing to the office
Sun, IBM and Hewlett-Packard say they'll work together to accelerate the adoption of utility-like grid computing in the corporate world. The group, called the Globus Consortium, will cooperatively develop software tools more suited for business uses of grid computing, and educate companies about the technology and its potential.

Oracle, Dell to boost grid standards
Oracle and Dell are teaming up with EMC and Intel to develop best practices around grid computing. The vendors, who are among the 25 companies in Oracle's Enterprise Grid Alliance, are seeing industry wide standards for grid computing.


Computing when you need it
As the concept of utility computing takes hold, data center managers should consider how this model can work its way into future infrastructure designs.

Is grid computing ready for commercial applications?
Grid computing sounds like a good idea, but is grid really ready for commercial applications?

Oracle's rose-colored grid vision
If you're like most Oracle customers, you've heard about the potential benefits of grid computing. Industry analysts weigh in on whether it's wise to jump to grid or sit tight.

The case for utility computing
With more and more companies demanding efficiency and flexibility from their storage, utility storage is one of the best options, argues Correy Voo, Head of Storage at BT.


Building scalable, high performance cluster/grid networks
This white paper describes the basics of grid computing, grid computing deployments, and using Ethernet to tie things together.

Analyst Case Study: Architecting Datacenter ROI through Utility Computing
This case study by The 451 Group examines how one major financial organization successfully migrated its mission critical applications to a utility-based platform. This document is excerpted from "Grids 2004: From Rocket Science to Business Service."

Additional resources

New computing architectures
Need help cutting through all the jargon on topics like grid computing and virtualization? Our playbook on new computing architectures will have you talking like an expert in no time.

The on-demand/utility data center: Optimizing the economics
Speaker, author, research analyst and advisor/consultant Rob Schafer explores the economic, technological, and organizational challenges of the On-Demand/Utility Data Center. (From Data Center Decisions 2005)

Virtualization: Motivations and cost
Ideas International VP and Senior Analyst Tony Iams explains how virtualization is more than just the buzzword of the year. It potentially represents a fundamental transformation of IT operations. (From Data Center Decisions 2005)

What's your grid grade?
Are you a grid groupie or just in a grid lock? Take this quiz to assess your knowledge of grid computing and all its related verbiage. This quiz is a tough one with lots of terms that have similar definitions, so you'll probably want to do a little pre-test prep by reading What is grid computing?, The New Computing Architecture Playbook, and Grid's cloud of confusion lifting.

A grid glossary: Top 30 terms
This page puts the top 30 grid-related terms into one easy glossary.

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