Fast guide to mainframe migration

Mainframe migration is appealing for an obvious reason: it can save a lot of money. But migrating itself isn't so simple. Fortunately, this fast guide will make things easier.

Mainframe Migration

Mainframe migration is appealing for an obvious reason: it can save a lot of money. But migrating itself isn't so simple. There are quite a few aspects of migration that need to be considered before jumping onto the migration train. Read on to find out more.

Is migrating for you?


Roadmap to mainframe application modernization
In a three-part series, Infostructure Associates president Wayne Kernochan outlines a modernization path for business-critical applications in an existing mainframe environment.

Ready, set, migrate!
At some point in your IT management career you'll almost certainly need to manage a migration from one operating system or product to another. This migration can involve a server operating system such as migrating from Novell NetWare to Windows Server 2003 or a line-of-business application like moving your corporate e-mail system from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange. When confronted with the need to perform any type of large-scale migration, there are a number of key questions that you'll need to ask yourself to prepare for the migration.

Linux on the mainframe -- is it right for you?
Moving to Linux can make a lot of sense, not to mention save a few dollars, provided you meet a few criteria.

Most important precautions when upgrading COBOL and CICS
Upgrading COBOL and CICS? Our experts will outline the necessary steps to ensure your upgrade goes smoothly.

Building a business case for Linux adoption
Making the business case for Linux isn't rocket science, but there's no one magic formula that's going to work for everyone, either. It's got as much to do with knowing your organization -- the key issues and problems and why you're considering adopting open source to begin with -- as it does with systems, upgrades, personnel and other costs.

Migration from the mainframe: Can do, but no, thanks
For the last fifteen years, some commentators have predicted the demise of the mainframe, as customers move away from mainframes to Wintel or Linux/Unix platform; and for fifteen years, for very good reasons, mainframe users have failed to do so.


Things to consider

Re-engineering: A migration migraine
Everyone knows migration is an IT migraine. It costs money, and so does its inherent "un-training," which is usually overlooked. Read our tip to learn about it.

Windows-to-Linux migrations: Clearing the Active Directory hurdle
To take advantage of the benefits of Linux, companies exclusively using Windows must carefully plan a migration. With any migration comes challenges, and getting off Active Directory can be the biggest one for companies jettisoning Windows.

Staffing often overlooked during platform migration
Hidden behind technical and fiscal issues surrounding migration lurks a question data center managers face -- What does migration mean to my current staff?

Proactive planning vital to Linux migration
Experts tell you how to have a successful Linux migration in eight steps.


Migration stories

Publisher aims to save a million moving off mainframe
NYC publisher, Simon & Schuster, expects to save $1M a year on hardware and licensing fees by migrating off the mainframe to Unisys' Intel-based ES7000.

German trains switch to Linux on mainframes
The German railway system is migrating major IT components from z/OS to Linux on the mainframe. Is the z/OS environment becoming extinct? And are Linux operators going mainstream?

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