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This Enterprise Linux learning guide library features expert information on all things Linux and open source, including getting started with Linux and Windows/Linux interoperability.


Welcome to SearchEnterpriseLinux.com's library of learning guides -- a wealth of information on all things Linux and open source. You'll find information on topics like migration and interoperability between Linux and Windows, the basics of Linux, handy open source tools and more to help you get started with using Linux and open source software. We've just added a bunch of new content, so be sure to bookmark this library, as we'll be periodically updating with new guides.



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  • 77 useful Linux commands and utilities
    Our experts and readers collaborated on this a list of their favorite Linux command line utilities and programs. Here's what they came up with.

  • Linux troubleshooting fast guide
    A reference to Linux troubleshooting in the enterprise, spanning topics from recovering lost data using Knoppix to troubleshooting Linux networking problems.  

  • The top 10 Linux tips of 2009
    You'll find tips on everything from setting up a cloud with Eucalyptus to SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 updates in this collection of the top content from 2009.


  • Digest: Windows and Linux interoperability, integration
    Windows and Linux can co-exist peacefully in the same IT environment. Through how-to tips and advice, learn tricks to Windows and Linux interoperability, including how to share files between the two platforms.

  • Linux administration tools
    A guide for IT admins featuring Linux administration tools, including those for networking, security, scripting and more.

  • Linux administration guide: Tips for Red Hat, SUSE, network, security admins
    Here's your guide to getting started on Linux administration. This collection of tutorials will help you to master security, interoperability with Unix and Windows, networking, Samba, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux and more.

  • A collection of the top Linux command tips
    The top Linux command tips based on SearchEnterpriseLinux.com user data include how to use grep and sed.

  • Xen vs. KVM and KVM migration guide
    Xen is being ditched for KVM in RHEL 5.4. This guide provides solutions for KVM migration and explains both sides of the Xen vs. KVM debate.

  • Linux and Unix: Integration and interoperability tips
    Whether your company is switching to Linux or using both Unix and Linux, this collection of tips on Unix/Linux will help.

  • Learning guide: Linux, Windows migration and interoperability
    Moving from Windows to Linux, or just trying to make the two live peacefully in your IT world? This guide offers best practices, troubleshooting guides and expert advice about Windows-to-Linux migration, integration and interoperability. You'll find migration articles, tutorials, tips, tools, white papers, expert advice and more to pump up your interoperability know-how quickly.

  • A complete guide to Unix-to-Linux migration
    This collection of expert advice and how-tos includes everything an admin needs to make sure a Unix-to-Linux migration goes without a hitch.

  • Unix-to-Linux learning guide
    While Unix and Linux are similar in many ways, they also have some important differences. Whether you're migrating from one to the other, or just trying to get them to work together in one IT environment, you'll find helpful resources in our Unix learning guide.

  • Everything RHEL: News, guidance and support
    News, tips and guidance on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and comparisons versus other distributions to help you make the right Linux distribution choice for your data center.

  • Oracle on Linux
    Linux is poised to overtake Solaris as the number one operating system for Oracle database management systems and applications. This guide includes news and analysis about Oracle on Linux, as well as tips and expert advice on choosing between Linux and other platforms, installing and upgrading on Linux, and performing backup and recovery of your Oracle database on Linux.

  • Red Hat and SUSE Linux how-tos
    In this guide, learn tricks to the administration and configuration of RHEL and SUSE Linux.

  • Active Directory and Linux guide
    This guide offers IT managers all they need to know to create a cross-platform environment with Active Directory and Linux


Data center

  • Open source virtualization digest
    This collection of tips and advice showcases open source virtualization, a low-cost alternative to proprietary virtualization technology for the data center.

  • Linux and virtualization guide
    Whether you are interested in running 10 servers on one, conserving physical resources or running several different operating systems on your network, virtual environments can multiply the power of Linux in the enterprise.

  • Linux and the cloud: Tips, news and advice
    Linux's low cost and flexibility makes it an attractive platform for the cloud. This digest of tips and advice details Linux's role and place in the cloud.

  • Learning Guide: Enterprise-ready Linux e-mail
    Souped-up applications for Linux now offer viable alternatives to Microsoft's hacker-friendly mail server and client. This learning guide can help you decide if your organization is ready to exchange your e-mail woes and get a bright new outlook.

  • Learning guide: Linux clusters
    Find out why Linux clusters can be your company's best bet for handling storage, applications, high-volume transactions and more. Take a spin though these articles, tutorials, tips, tools, white papers and expert Q&As.




Open source applications

  • Executive guide: Open source and Linux
    Executives have done their homework and know the many risks and rewards of implementing an open source system. Access the resources in this edition of the Executive Guide for the latest analyst predictions, case studies and more to help you make smart open source investment decisions.

  • Nagios: Configuration and integration advice
    This guide to the open source networking tool Nagios features expert tips, advice and more.

  • OpenOffice 2.0 Toolbox
    This is your guide to getting started with free, open source office suite OpenOffice 2.0. Start your move away from Microsoft Office today. The two apps aren't as different as you would think. Get help on simple tasks like creating your own colors or formatting your toolbars and progress to connecting to databases, charts and Web pages.



  • Learning guide: Desktop Linux
    What's that saying about shutting a door and opening a window? On enterprise desktops, many people are shutting their Windows and opening their doors to a penguin -- Tux. Find out how to invite the penguin to your desk in this handy learning guide.

  • Linux distributions: Servers and desktops
    If you're having trouble deciding which distro of Linux to use on the enterprise desktop, this fast guide can help by providing a tour of the top Linux desktop distributions.

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