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This Resource Guide is designed to provide one stop shopping for all of's learning resources on various topics.

This Resource Guide is designed to provide one stop shopping for all of's learning resources on various topics. If there is a particular topic you would like us to cover, e-mail Matt Stansberry,'s editor.

Learning centers

Your guide to network cabling technology
Technology changes fast - so do data center networking options. By now, you've all heard the terms. Cabling. Networking. CAT-3. CAT-5e. RJ-45. Unshielded twisted pair. Shielded twisted pair. Coaxial cable. Fiber optics. By the end of it, the reaction can be: shielded twisted what? Chances are what you learned in IT school no longer applies. Cabling standards are reviewed and changed every 5 to 10 years., so we've checked with our networking expert Carrie Higbie, Global Network Applications Market Manager for Siemon, and created this valuable up-to-date basics guide.

Power-hungry or just powerless?
Are you all powerful or just powerless? Take this quiz to assess your power know how in the data center.

Virtualization Learning Guide
If you've been planning to get ahead of the curve on virtualization, the time is now. We've put together this learning guide to get you started.

 Lessons from Katrina: Rebuilding your IT infrastructure
Hurricane Katrina brought home the need to be prepared. This guide will help your data center survive the next disaster.

Grid computing
This learning guide puts all grid computing related news, advice, whitepapers, and other resources at your fingertips.

Want to keep your CIO out of jail and off the front pages of the New York Times? This guide to regulatory compliance will help.

This learning center provides you with easy-access to the latest news and advice about consolidation in the data center.

Mainframe migration
Looking for resources on moving off the mainframe? Check out our mainframe migration guide for the latest news and advice.

Clustering is nothing new in most data centers. Used for high availability computing and load balancing, clusters have now turned up in blade server configurations and are being used for storage applications.

Fast reference: Disaster recovery basics
"Disaster Recovery Basics" quickly reviews the basics of what you should have covered in case of a -- you guessed it -- disaster.

Step-by-step guides

12 steps to project management success
Managing a successful IT project isn't just a technical and organizational issue. Here are the 12 keys to project management success.

How to design a server room
This how-to guide covers the major design considerations for a data center that will grow with your company's needs.


Power playbook
Nothing happens in the data center without power. This Playbook directs you to the best sources on power to keep things humming.

Heating and cooling playbook
Our heating and cooling playbook will show you the ropes to keep things cool in an ever tighter packed data center.

New computing architectures playbook
Sorting out the differences between grid computing and virtualization is tough. Our resources will help you cut through the hype.

Physical security playbook
This playbook on physical security will provide all the information you need to keep the bad guys out of your data center.


Compliance is a difficult subject -- with so many angles, it's hard to keep them all covered! Our quiz tests your knowledge on things compliance-oriented, including and organizations that require compliance.

Tech or Treat!
Tech or treat! Do you speak Geek? Technology is scary to a lot of people -- and no wonder, when you consider the harrowing terms and concepts involved. Here's our traditionally gruesome collection of Halloween horror for technophiles and technophobes alike. How many of these terrifying terms can you guess without shrieking?

Negotiating -- Do you speak business?
Find out how much you know about the language of negotiation.

Power-hungry or just powerless?
Are you all powerful or just powerless? Take this quiz to assess your power know how in the data center.

Got cabling?
This quiz tests not only for general networking knowledge, but for how much you know about our site's cabling content. Haven't been reading those newsletters lately? When you click the link to find the answers, you'll be taken to either a glossary definition or an article (or in the first question, an expert's bio page).

By taking this quiz, you'll not only sharpen your networking shorthand skills, you'll be up-to-date on important cabling news if you read the articles. Good luck!

This was last published in March 2006

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