CMDB Federation specification may ease configuration management system integration
The new Configuration Management Database Federation (CMDBf) specification may ease integration problems for shops implementing a configuration management system with multiple data sources.

Making ITIL processes work for your data center: Table of contents
Chapter 1: The benefits of ITIL implementation in the data center

Chapter 2: ITSM best practices and change management

Chapter 3: ITIL certification benefits

Chapter 4: CMDBs and ITIL

Top five keys to success for a new CMDB project
Configuration management database (CMDB) projects require a steady hand and a lot of help from IT staff. Here are some tips to help you ensure CMDB success.

CMDB pitfalls in the current IT environment
CMDB can be a helpful solution for IT administrators trying to meet the demands of today's businesses. But pitfalls exist in CMDB, and Jasmine Noel shares what you need to know.

CMDB: Choosing your vendor partner
Choosing a CMDB vendor requires planning and an understanding of your design concept. Expert Richard Ptak offers considerations for finding the right CMDB for your data center.

Building a CMDB: A guide to management and deployment
Building a CMDB and making service improvements is essential at most large organizations, but justifying costs is not easy. This guide offers CMDB management and deployment advice.

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