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Your CICS questions answered here

Your CICS questions answered here

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z/OS support of CICS 4.1 and IMS 6
I know IBM does not support CICS 4.1 and IMS6. But is anyone running them on a Z890 under ZOS 1.4? Or there are know problems and should not be attempted?
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Lower case in CICS
In my CICS screen, irrespective of any case the user types in any string field, after receiving the map I found that its automatically converts to Upper case. I tried ASIS option and also NOUCTRAN. But nothing worked out. Can any one help on this?
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Linking an executable load module
If an executable load module has attributes of AMODE=31, RMODE=ANY, and it has modules statically linked into it with AMODE=24, RMODE=24, will the load module run above the line?
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Mainframe to AS/400
Any guidelines or manuals are available to convert mainframe COBOL TO AS/400 COBOL, JCL TO CL, CICSS TO CICS/400?
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