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Web servers: Mounting filesystems, adding users and groups and automating filesystems

Check out Chapter 4, "System Administration," which tells how to manage your Linux Web server with users from the command line, send e-mail and use GNOME to navigate filesystems.

Knowledge of Apache server management is an important asset for any Linux administrator. Besides describing how to add or delete users and groups, Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache will explain how to effectively navigate the twists and turns of mounting filesystems and creating a mount point. Readers cam look forward to configuration tips on key files such as fstab and and chkconfig.

Users are invited to peruse and exploit the helpful advice provided in Chapter 4, "System Administration" to get the most from their servers. Read the rest of the excerpt in this PDF.

Excerpted from Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache, 1st edition by Stuart Langridge and Tony Steidler-Dennison (ISBN: 0-9752402-2-6). Copyright 2005, SitePoint. All rights reserved.

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