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Unix systems management spotlight

Looking for what's new in the Unix operating systems, hardware and systems management? Look no further -- the info is right here.

Data center pros need to know the latest info on Unix operating system upgrades, hardware considerations and systems management fundamentals.

Keep up with the latest innovations in recent releases of the industry-leading versions of Unix: AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris. Unix expert and author King Ables provides an overview of the latest features on these workhorse operating systems.

So you've checked out the new features and you're looking to upgrade -- now it's time to start asking questions. Ables outlines the issues you need to consider in the systems management checklist to software upgrades.

Looking for more systems management fundamentals? Check out our crash course on database management for data center managers. In most large shops, the system or network manager is not the database administrator. But even when you don't manage the database, data center personnel will most likely still manage the systems that run the database.

Unix to Linux migration

Lots of people are migrating from Unix to Linux. Who can blame them? If you're thinking about making the jump, look before you leap says Unix author and University of Wyoming professor Michael Palmer. He outlines five reasons not to migrate to Linux in a recent tip.

If you're interested in more information, check out the recent learning guide from on Unix to Linux migration. The guide contains articles, tutorials, tips, tools, white papers and expert advice to get you up to speed.

Hardware considerations and other news

  • Itanium still strong on Unix, not Windows
  • Sun to double down on Niagara, ditch UltraSparcIII
  • PG&E to offer energy rebates for Sun servers
  • Sun's server gambit for Solaris
  • Unix shops ignore signs of market decline
  • Sun retools Solaris
  • HP boosts IBM middleware on HP-UX operating system
  • Top 10 things to review when developing a hardware scalability plan

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