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Tips for data center physical security

Planning for data center physical security up front is important to ensure the facility keeps the bad guys out.

You've got your data protected, but are the doors to your data center secure? If not, these resources tell you how to keep undesirables out.

Limited combustible cabling could thwart possible regulation nightmare | 08 Aug 2005 
ARTICLE - Limited combustible cabling (LCC) is less prone to fire and it might perform better in the heat. LCC could meet possible regulations requiring under-floor fire suppression.

Special report: Data Center Decisions 2005 | 09 Jun 2005 
SPECIAL REPORT - Coverage of our Data Center Decisions Conference 2005 in New York. Get your news and presentation downloads here!

Bad location puts data center security at risk | 06 Jun 2005 
ARTICLE - Sometimes, it's good to be paranoid. An expert identifies the potential physical security weaknesses in your data center -- such as poor location.

Why 'waterless' fire protection in the data center
Submitted By: | 14 Jul 2005 
TIP - Here are a number of points you may want to address before deciding which fire protection strategy is best for your data center.

The here and now of biometrics
Submitted By: TechTarget | 03 May 2005 
TIP - Biometrics are increasingly being used to keep the data center safe. And now, the systems are also more affordable, and reliability rates have improved over just a few years ago.

Things to consider when planning a data center move to an older building
Expert: Carrie Higbie | 30 Mar 2005 
EXPERT ANSWER - We're moving our data center to an older building in an urban area that is currently being renovated. I'm working with consultants on our cabling infrastructure, but I was wondering if you could provide me with some sort of ...

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