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Tips for data center cabling

This guide address all the issues from selecting the most power efficient servers to finding power supplies to disasters and securing the equipment within.

What to do with all those wires? These resources tell you how the right and wrong cabling can make or break your data center.

  • Cabinets, bloody cabinets! | 30 Nov 2005 
    OPINION - Excerpt: "It's hard to believe there could be so many companies making so many different racks and cabinets, or that there could be so many different ways touted to address the two main concerns facing everyone today: equipment cooling and cable management. Simply because there are so very many, we will avoid referring to any by name or including links to Web sites. It would be too long a list, and everyone we miss would object to the omission. You can use search engines as well as we can.

    "Instead we will dwell on some fundamentals and what our firm looks for and evaluates in recommending, specifying and selecting racks and cabinets for our clients' data centers. (Racks and cabinets for IDF rooms and other purposes like audio/visual equipment have different considerations and will not be addressed here.)" 


  • Grounding -- the 'black art' | 30 Nov 2005
    OPINION - EXCERPT: "We all know that grounding (or "earthing" as the Europeans call it) is a necessity. It's required by electrical codes; it's required by equipment manufacturers; and we all know it would be "good practice" even if it wasn't required. But exactly how to do it has probably been the subject of more debate and difference of opinion than any other aspect of the infrastructure. "Isolated grounds" are still called for by many people, even though they are actually counter-productive in the data center. And top-name manufacturers have even been known to stipulate grounding methods in their installation specifications that are just plain illegal and unbelievably dangerous. Why is it that this fundamental, and seemingly straightforward subject, is so misunderstood?"


  • Your guide to network cabling technology (Or: Everything you want to know about cabling but were afraid to ask)
    Submitted By: | 18 July 2005
    ALL-IN-ONE GUIDE - This page explains the different types of cabling, gives you the latest news, introduces you to Carrie Higbie, our cabling expert, and gives you her advice.


  • It's the cabling, stupid!
    Submitted By: | 09 Jun 2005
    ARTICLE - Why neglecting your networking cables could be the dumbest thing you ever do.

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