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The top five DB2 tips

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The top five DB2 tips

Stored procedures provide way to reuse RPG apps on the Web
Learn how you can reuse RPG apps on the Web in stored procedures.

WDSC: How to build a Java Web application calling RPG
Using IBM's WebSphere Development Studio Client version 5 (WDSC) you will do the following:


• Take an RPG server program, create a Java Program Call bean, generate a Java Web application using the Web Interaction wizard.
• Test the generated Web application using the built-in WebSphere test environment.

SQL stored procedure setup guidelines for WebSphere environment
SQL stored procedure on iSeries setup guidelines for WebSphere environment.

Automatic processing of data files placed on as400
Our users asked: Do you need to process data from users on the web to the back end AS/400 databases?

Here's what another user said. "I am assuming you are using ASP pages to get the users to put information and then accumulating this info in a file and then uploading the file on the AS/400 and then have a rpg program update AS/400 databases. If I am assuming correctly then you can do that as follows..." Read the full response to get the rest of the answer.

Basic DB2 buffering and memory guidelines
News and advice for IT professionals working with IBM zSeries and zOS mainframes.

Dig Deeper on IBM system z and mainframe systems

Q&A: Mason calls WDSC the tool of choice for Web development beginners

Read feedback to this Q&A.

iSeries shops are placing Web development and Web enablement at the top of their priority lists. But if you're just starting out, where do you begin? There are so many options that choosing the one right may seem like an impossible task.

Jim Mason, president of ebt-now, talked with assistant editor Deb Tart recently at the Northeast IBM User Conference in Framingham, Mass., about tools and techniques for developing for the Web and what his Web tool preferences are.

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