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The dark side of the Web, Ch. 5 of "Phishing Exposed"

This chapter describes easily-exploited dynamic HTML features that are attractive to many hackers and how simple it was for phishing to beat prominent institutions, like Bank of America and T.D. Waterhouse.

Unwary Web users can get hooked by fraudulent e-mail hackers called phishers. Among other practices, phishers obtain...

financial and personal information fraudulently by sending e-mails that look like legitimate queries from well-known companies, such as banks. To avoid finding yourself at the sharp end of the hook, check out Lance James' tips on beating phishers here in Chapter 5 -- "The Dark Side of the Web" -- of his book, Phishing Exposed.

Published by Syngress, this phishing primer sample explains easily exploited dynamic HTML features that are attractive to many hackers as well as demonstrating how simply prominent institutions, like Bank of America or T.D. Waterhouse, were easily penetrated.

Read the rest of the excerpt in this PDF.

Excerpted from Phishing Exposed, First edition by Lance James (ISBN: 159749030X ). Copyright 2005 Syngress All rights reserved.
This was last published in January 2006

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