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Testing Local Resources, chapter 7 of 'Nagios: System and Network Monitoring'

Keep track of your network activity with open source monitoring app, Nagios. Chapter 7, "Testing Local Resources" explains how to test plug-ins over a local network since some lack their own network protocols.

Open source Nagios is an enterprise-class tool, which runs on Linux and Unix, used for monitoring networks. By running periodic checks on user-specified resources and services, Nagios ensures faster fixes for network issues.

Chapter 7 -- "Testing Local Resources" -- of Nagios: System and Network Monitoring details the various plug-ins needed to work with Nagios and how to test them over a local network since some lack their own network protocol.

Read the rest of the excerpt in this PDF.

Excerpted from Nagios: System and Network Monitoring, First edition by Wolfgang Barth (ISBN: 1-59327-070-4). Copyright © April 2006 No Starch Press, Inc. All rights reserved.

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