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"Test Driving Linux" by David Brickner

In David Brickner's "Test Driving Linux," Chapter 2 gives insight into Konqueror's power as a web browser.

In David Brickner'sTest Driving Linux: From Windows to Linux in 60 Seconds, readers are invited to take a look at "Chapter 2: Surf the Web." Though Konqueror is a powerful tool that also offers file management, this section looks at the role it occupies as a Web browser and just what it can offer the casual user.

Test Driving Linux by David Brickner

David Brickner is an editor of Linux and open source books at O'Reilly Media Inc. He has used Linux servers since 1998 and has run Linux full-time on his desktop for the past four years. Brickner is also the author of the Linux Desktop Pocket Guide.

Click here to download your sample. Test Driving Linux by David Brickner is published by O'Reilly Media Inc., April 2005, ISBN: 0-596-00754-X, 360 pages.

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