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System Security for Linux CompTIA Certification

Learn about Linux security practices covered on the Linux CompTIA certification exam in this chapter download.

Linux Certification Passport by Michael Jang

With the increasing popularity of Linux software in the enterprise, Michael Jang's Linux Certification Passport is a key resource for administrators looking to work with Linux professionally. The book is a comprehensive guide to preparing for the Linux CompTIA+ Certification exam, and includes advice on how to approach the exam as well as focused exercises to prepare you for it.

Chapter 9: System Security

This chapter covers the security practices and tools you should know about in order to pass the CompTIA exam. You will learn how to configure encryption, audit security files and identify system attacks and corruptions. Find out which tools are best to use in a variety of scenarios, and which terms you should be prepared to see on the exam. The chapter concludes with a series of practice questions modeled after ones which have appeared on past exams.

Read the chapter in this PDF.

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