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Special Report: Share Conference Fall 2006 attended the mainframe user group Share conference in Baltimore this month. This is a wrap-up of the event.

Share recently held its fall conference in Baltimore. The mainframe user group has been around for decades and elected a new president, Martin Timmerman, to replace Robert Rosen. The weeklong conference included thousands of sessions, with many of them being led by IBM, which sells all the mainframes. We at tried to dig down into the sessions, beyond the IBM-led events, to find out what users are facing with their mainframes.

Take a look at these stories and see what you missed.

  • Mainframe SOA: Interest high, adoption low
  • Share Baltimore mainframe conference: Reporter's notebook
  • Share mainframe users tell stories of bugs, benefits to upgrading
  • SOLA update gives COBOL apps more Web services features
  • IBM to release Tivoli software for SOA on the mainframe
  • Dig Deeper on IBM system z and mainframe systems

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