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Share conference special report fall 2007

News and tip roundup from IBM user group Share's recent mainframe conference.

IBM user group Share recently wrapped up their fall meeting in San Diego, Calif., where a number of mainframe products and upgrades were announced. Get all the latest from the IBM mainframe frontlines in this special report.

Preview: IBM user group Share
Immediate past president Robert Rosen gave us a preview, which includes mainframe news, ITIL, distributed computing and more, prior to this year's Share conference.

Workload consolidation attracts new blood to mainframe
At the recent Share conference, the IBM user group covered workload consolidation, Linux on the mainframe, distributed computing and mainframe education opportunities.

IBM mainframe zIIP and zAAP adoption still lags IFL processor
At this year's Share mainframe user group conference, attendees discussed plans for adoption of zIIP and zAAP, IBM mainframe specialty processors similar to the IFL.

Share 2007: New mainframe products
This year's Share conference in San Diego emphasized mainframe security, compliance and modernizing your legacy applications and also introduced some new products. Here's a look at some of the event's highlights.

Share mainframe users upgrade to CICS TS 3.2
At the recent conference, Share users described upgrading CICS TS 3.2.

IBM upgrades z/OS mainframe operating system
The new version of z/OS allows enterprises to take advantage of all processors on their mainframe within one partition and adds new security features.

Mainframe training programs rebounding
The last seven years has seen meager computer technology course offerings in colleges and universities, but it seems that schools are starting to build their mainframe curriculum. A Share conference panel with five schools involved in the IBM Academic Initiative is an example of that.

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