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Security management from Chapter 19 of 'OpenSUSE Linux Unleashed'

In this chapter excerpt, author Michael McCallister shows you how to set up user accounts and how to manage groups that work together.

OpenSUSE Linux Unleashed (SAMS) contains everything an admin needs to know about openSUSE, including all the software products included in openSUSE, whether you want to run it as an enterprise server or as a professional workstation.


Chapter 19 – Managing users, managing security – Author Michael McCallister shows system administrators how to set up user accounts, monitor user activity, and create and manage groups and permissions that will allow everyone to work together while "keeping the bad guys out of your files."

Read the chapter in this PDF.




This chapter is an excerpt from the book, OpenSUSE Linux Unleashed, authored by Michael McCallister, published by SAMS, October, 2007, (ISBN 067232945x). Copyright © 2008.

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