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Roadmap for Sun Microsystems customers after the Oracle acquisition

As Oracle decides what to do with its newly acquired Sun Microsystems inventory, Sun customers face an uncertain future. This video and podcast interview offer Sun customers a possible roadmap.

The Oracle-Sun Microsystems deal, and to a far lesser extent the Virtual Iron acquisition, have left many data center managers in a lurch. While the U.S. Justice Department's antitrust division will likely examine the Oracle-Sun deal for the next several months, Sun shops need to start planning for the future.

In this videocast, Burton Group analyst Richard Jones outlines the potential roadmap for Sun customers. While the future of Sun technologies like Sparc, Solaris, MySQL and Java are in question, Jones offers advice based on Oracle's past actions and business focus.

In this podcast Q&A, Jones answers specific questions about Oracle's plans for its Sun acquisitions.


More information on the Oracle-Sun Microsystems deal:

Will Oracle choose to sell of Sun's assets
As the value of the Oracle-Sun acqusition declines with the European Comission's delays, one expert says Oracle must re-think what it will do with Sun assets.

Delayed acqusition leaves Sun's future up in the air
Sun's hardware faces an uncertain future as the Oracle buyout continues to be delayed.

Predicting Oracle's plan for Sun assets, the future for Sun customers
This tip outlines Sun Microsystems' inventory and how these assets might fit into Oracle's business strategy.

What does the future hold for Oracle's virtualization acquisitions?
What comes next for Sun xVM, Solaris Containers or Virtual Iron users? This tip outlines the probable trajectory of each platform, and how Oracle might integrate features into its Oracle Virtual Machine offering.

Oracle acquires Sun: What does it mean for mainframes?
How will the Oracle-Sun acquisition affect IBM mainframe shops? Experts say there is a potential for better coordination of storage, information lifecycle management and databases. The acquisition would also put Oracle in position to compete against IBM for mainframe rehosting.

Oracle-Sun combo: What does it mean for enterprise Java?
Oracle's bid to buy Java-originator Sun Microsystems rearranges the enterprise Java landscape, but does not greatly disrupt the status quo.

How does the Sun-Oracle deal affect data storage?
Amidst the Oracle-Sun takeover, Sun continues to enhance its tape and virtual tape products. But what does the future hold with Oracle at the helm?

In Oracle-Sun deal, analysts predict identity management fallout
For Sun's Identity Management customers, the Oracle acquisition could be messy.

The Oracle-Sun acquisition from Oracle customer perspective
How will the Sun acquisition affect Oracle's existing customer base? Oracle user group leaders, Java experts and more speak out on this resource page from

How are Virtual Iron and Sun xVM users dealing with the Oracle acquisition?
Though the number of data centers affected is likely small, Virtual Iron and Sun xVM users prepare for a future with or without Oracle.

Oracle and Sun: A virtual sweetheart deal for VARs
How will the Oracle-Sun acquisition shake up the VAR landscape?

VARs turn wary eye on Sun-Oracle combo
Some VARs worry that the Oracle-Sun deal isn't in their best interest.

Oracle's silence boosts angst around Sun's hardware future
Oracle's silence over the Sun acquisition has customers and VARs worried about the future of Sun hardware.

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