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Q&A roundup: Advice from data center administration experts

Getting good data center administration advice can be tough, so we've compiled some recent Q&A discussions with experts from the field.

The SearchDataCenter team has tackled many data center administration issues, but it's always nice to get an outside perspective. We asked industry experts questions on a variety of topics, including workload automation, a need for more data centers and lowering costs the environmentally friendly way.

Here are a few of the latest popular Q&As. If there's another topic you'd like an expert to address in a future Q&A, send an email to or drop a comment below.

Uptime requirements and user demand grow

What does the "always on" demand from the business world mean for IT personnel? To answer that question, we spoke with Blake Carlson, vice president of the IT business segment, Avocent products and services at Emerson Network Power about his company's 2012 Most Always on IT Jobs survey.

But it's not just personnel that have to be flexible and expand. As the need for more mobile data processing increases, latency and compute power can become an issue. To find out how the data center world can deal with a massive and growing mobile Internet user population, we spoke to Kevin Ressler, director of global project management for enterprise networks at TE Connectivity.

Automation rules the data center nation

In part one of this two-part podcast Q&A with Robert Stinnett, a data center automation architect with CARFAX Inc., we heard about the implications of real-time processing for online retail and how automation factors into a business's decision to move to cloud computing.

Part two of the automation Q&A delves into the DevOps and Agile movements and questions some IT shops' resistance to those methods. Robert gives advice on how IT shops can use automation for cloud computing.

Saving costs while saving the environment

Recent advancements in data center infrastructure and hardware led us to a two-part discussion with John Tuccillo, president and chairman of the Green Grid, and Brad Brech, IBM representative and Green Grid board member.

First, these data center administration experts shared efficiency ideas for data centers that want to shake allegations of energy wastefulness and discussed how a little bit of monitoring can go a long way.

In the second installment with the Green Grid, we discussed some tips and trends for companies that are new to the data center efficiency struggle. We learned that it takes more than new equipment purchases to show a difference in energy costs and environmental impact.

Finally, we talked with Gnodal CTO Fred Homewood about data center cooling trends. Fred talks about partitioning and free cooling and shares other insights about data center hardware developments driving the change in cooling methods.

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