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Physical security playbook

This playbook on physical security will provide all the information you need to keep the bad guys out of your data center.

Kate Evans-Correia, Editor How involved are you in securing your data center? Are you confident your data center can't be compromised? Are you working with physical security consultants or facilities experts? If your knowledge of physical security is limited and you want to know how to be more proactive when it comes to keeping your infrastructure safe--from cabling to floor boards--this Playbook has the information you're looking for.

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Thor Mollung
Do you have a question on physical security for your data center?'s physical security expert Thor Mollung is available to answer your questions. You can pose a question or view responses to previously answered questions.

  Table of Contents  

Physical security checklists
Designing with physical security in mind
Budgeting for physical security
Convergence of logical and physical security

   Physical security checklists  Return to Table of Contents

   Designing with physical security in mind  Return to Table of Contents

   Budgeting for physical security  Return to Table of Contents

   Convergence of logical and physical security  Return to Table of Contents

This was last published in April 2005

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