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Liquid cooling buyer's guide chart

This liquid cooling cross referenece chart describes the integration, power consumption, cooling capacity and other information about some of the top-rated liquid cooling products on the market.

Sidecar heat exchange systems
APC InfraStruXure RP Water Up to 70kW 2054 Watts (480V) Contractor installation approx: $23,000
Rittal Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) Water 30-37kW 1000-1800 Watts Fits standard 19" rack servers. No additional hardware necessary. $15-$20,000
Liebert XDK, XDF Water, water/glycol 17kW, 14kW 1400 Watts Fits standard 19" rack servers. No additional hardware necessary.* unavailable
IBM eServer Rear Door Heat Exchanger "Cool Blue" Water Approx:15kW (50K btu) Unavailable Door that hinges to a standard 42U rack. No additional hardware necessary. $4,299
Egenera BladeFrame EX Glycol Upper and lower cooling modules at 10kW each 6900 Watts max (200-230 volts @ 20 or 30 amps) 2 products: Liebert XD CoolFrame and Egenera Bladeframe EX.* unavailable
Bottom mount heat exchange systems
Knurr AG rack Water 10kW to 35kW 1000-1800 Watts Fits standard 19" cabinets with no additional hardware. Unavailable
Chip-level cooling systems
SprayCool M-Series Uses 3M Flourinert, but compatible with other coolants 12kW per rack Less than 200W Each server is fitted with a module which attaches to the SprayCool system at the back of the rack. $25,500

*Liebert's XD system requires the XDP and XDC, which are the coolant pump and chiller, respectively.

This was last published in May 2007

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The above chart is not very accurate and some information regarding the cooling capacity need to be updated/changed.