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Linux Networking Cookbook, Chapter 7: Secure remote administration with SSH

This chapter from Linux Networking Cookbook helps administrators manage remote networks securely with OpenSSH. Learn about authentication, encryption, and data transfers.

Linux Networking Cookbook provides practical guidance to setting up and securing an open source network. Author Carla Schroder has years of experience helping administrators learn the fundamentals of networking and puts her acquired knowledge to use in this comprehensive desk-side reference.

Readers praise Schroder's no-nonsense teaching approach, which is perhaps the only tenable one in the multi-distribution arena of Linux administration. Each chapter includes only the essentials: an introduction and a series of "recipes" for completing specific tasks. Some of the book's chapters include: Single Sign-on with Samba for Mixed Linux/Windows LANs, Building Secure Cross-Platform Virtual Private Networks with OpenVPN, Building a Linux Gateway on a Single-Board Computer, and of course, Chapter 7: Secure remote administration with SSH.

Chapter 7: Secure remote administration with SSH

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