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Learning Center: Handy OS tools, apps

Learning Center: Handy OS tools, apps

Put many of your administration tasks on cruise control by using free or low-cost open source tools and applications, like Xen, Nagios, Amanda, Snort and others. This SearchOpenSource.com quick guide offers 15 ways to leave your IT problems behind. Find out how to use open source Snort to keep intruders out of your network, Nagios to streamline monitoring, Amanda to simplify backups, and more. These tips on using open source products are served up by SearchOpenSource.com experts.

Here’s what you get:

  • Stopping intruders with Snort & friends 
  • Golden's Rules: Get server control, virtualization with free, open source Xen
  • Open source tools for security configuration, administration
  • And much more!

Enter the Learning Center: Handy OS tools, apps

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