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Guide to data center standards

This guide address all the issues from selecting the most power efficient servers to finding power supplies to disasters and securing the equipment within.

Whether you're building additional data center space or working with what you've got, a set of data center standards can help minimize problems before they arise.

  • Auditing your data center | 30 Nov 2005 
    OPINION - This column originally appeared on TechTarget's Expert Answer Center as a post in Robert McFarlane's blog. 


  • TIA-942: Cookie cutter or cost cutter? | 30 Aug 2005
    ARTICLE - The Telecommunications Industry Association recently published a standard that attempts to address almost every design consideration in the data center.


  • Expert: Beware of being lax with data center security
    Submitted By: | 12 April 2005
    INTERVIEW - The biggest change in security is an increased focus on designing a data center that is physically secure -- and firms have opened up their pocketbooks to get the job done.


  • Don't touch that!
    Submitted By: | 30 March 2005
    ARTICLE - Your contractor put down the copper, set up your network devices and got the system running. Want to put in a patch cable? Check your warranty first.


  • Funding your data center
    Submitted By: | 8 Dec 2005
    EXPERT ANSWER - One of our readers is having trouble convincing the big wigs that the data center needs a serious make over. See what advice expert Charles King came up with.


  • Preventing data center power failures
    Submitted By: | 9 March 2005
    TIP - When a power failure happens in your data center, do you point the finger at the facilities department or at yourself? An expert offers tips on how to protect your data center.

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