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Debugging IPC with Shell commands from "The Linux Programmer's Toolbox"

Get advice about utilities for debugging communication between processes, find out how to handle open files and dumping data from files, discover commands and more from Chapter 8, Debugging IPC with Shell commands, in "The Linux Programmer's Toolbox."

The Linux Programmer's Toolbox (Prentice Hall Professional ) will help readers tap into open source tools available for GNU/Linux. Fusco recommends what projects to keep an eye, how to download them, and what projects should be avoided.

Chapter 8 -- Debugging IPC with Shell commands -- offers some advice about utilities for debugging communication between processes. He tells you how to handle open files, dumping data from files, commands and more.

Read the rest of the excerpt in this PDF.

Chapter 8, "Debugging IPC with Shell commands," is excerpted from The Linux Programmer's Toolbox by John Fusco, published as part of the the Prentice Hall Open Source Software Development Series. March 2007, ISBN: 0132198576. Check here for more information on this specific title and a complete Table of Contents.

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