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Data center physical security design in a post 9-11 environment

In this presentation, data center security expert Thor Mollung discusses how security professionals are designing for today's data centers.

The following presentation was given at Data Center Decisions Spring 2005 in New York.

In a post 9-11 era, the word security has taken on new meaning for many businesses. Security departments are no longer merely relegated to pure security or guard force type functions. Security systems are now integrated with digital video, BMS and BAS systems and are relying more heavily on your organization's IT environments. An organization's assets are its people, property, equipment, hardware, software, buildings, information-data and reputation. In this session, Thor A. Mollung, CHSII, Managing Director and Security Consultant, MollungSystemsManagement, discusses how security professionals are designing for today's data centers and how security design that encompasses site selection, construction, technology, life safety systems and BAS/BMS systems relate to Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and High Availability. Your organization and your organization's auditors are becoming more and more concerned with not only how you physically protect their information but how your organization's security systems comply with your very own CIS standards. You know what your systems Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is -- but does your security department understand what theirs is? Now, address all these concerns aesthetically so that physical security is engrained in design but not readily recognizable to the untrained eye -- within a reasonable budget.

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