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Data center experts put on the hot seat

Data Center Decisions experts discuss power and cooling, server virtualization, consolidation, and data center security.

At the recent Data Center Decisions 2006 conference in Chicago, data center experts offered advice on power and cooling, virtualization, consolidation, and security. The audience was invited to ask questions and make comments about the experts' material. In addition to these presentations, speakers set up "Ask The Experts" sessions in the exhibit hall after the talks to give attendees a chance to pose further questions.

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Don't worry if you were unable to attend this free event, has you covered. We were able to catch up with some of the experts prior to the show for interviews about their respective topics.

Prior to taking a position as Verizon's senior operations security executive for customer data center security, J.P. Callahan worked for the U.S. military as a counterintelligence agent. In our pre-show interview, Callahan discusses data center security.

As president of The Sageza Group Inc., Clay Ryder supervises the creation and delivery of Sageza's research and analysis. We spoke to him about data center consolidation prior to his session.

In his role as director of IT, for FSW Inc., a non-profit family services company, Joseph Foran is responsible for working to come up with cost-efficient uses of technology that will better enable client services, employee efficiency and increased grant revenue. He was able to offer insights about the roles open source systems management plays in virtualization.

Andrew Kutz started working heavily with consumer virtualization and in 2005 began pushing for server virtualization in the University of Texas' central technology department, Information Technology Services (ITS). In 2006 Andrew designed and implemented ITS's first enterprise virtualized server infrastructure environment. Check out Andrew's insights on consolidation in our pre-show interview.

You can find downloads of these speakers' presentations and others on our conference page.

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