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Data center disaster recovery Web resources

Developing a data center disaster recovery plan takes copious brainstorming and research. We've done some of that research for you in this Web resources page on data center disaster recovery planning.

As they develop data center disaster recovery plans, data center managers need to anticipate all possible scenarios and explore all the possibilities. But there's no pre-packaged disaster recovery strategy that you can simply plug in to your data center. You have to do some digging to see what the pros reccomend, what works and what doesn't.

In this set of Web resources on data center disaster recovery planning, we've done some of that for you.

Natural disaster recovery
This guide to natural disaster recovery from Popular Mechanics give advice on how to prepare for the worst when floods, hurricanes and other forces of nature are bearing down on your home or facility.

The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York
The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC) put this disaster recovery and business continuity plan together for public use with the help individual contributions and organizations such as the American Red Cross.

Seven tiers of disaster recovery
Data center people are no strangers to tier-rating systems. But what does the tier rating system for disaster recovery really mean? This recently updated article from lays it out in detail.

What's in a data center manager's essential toolkit?
A recent post on Slashdot asked readers to list the essential items in a data center manager's toolkit. The responses were funny, and really informative — which lead us to try to compile a list of indispensable items in the data center.

Where not to keep your servers according to Mother Nature
This article from Royal Pingdom has three different kinds of heat maps: tornado, earthquake and hurricane; which gives an excellent visual guide to dangerous data center locales.

Case of the great hot-site swap
Bowdoin University in Maine and Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles are disaster recovery buddies, meaning that they've agreed to back each other up. The news sparks an interesting thread on hot swapping and redundancy.

Data center site selection
John Rath's whitepaper on data center disaster recovery focuses on the role that site selection plays in DR planning and business continuity.

International Disaster Recovery Association
The International Disaster Recovery Association is a professional group that has been bringing DR and business continuity to the forefront for telecommunications for over 15 years.

The Data Recovery Institute
The Data Recovery Institute was founded in order to develop a base of knowledge in contingency planning and the management of risk. The group focuses on educational and certification programs for those engaged in the practice of business continuity planning and management.

Iron Mountain
What about disaster recovery services? There are a number of vendor offerings out there that specialize in different aspects of data protection, such as Iron Mountain who helps organizations around the world reduce the costs and risks associated with information protection and storage.

University of Toronto disaster recovery plan
This sample plan from University of Toronto is one of many places to start brainstorming on ways to approach your own plan.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology disaster recovery plan
If you're on the east coast, checking out MIT's disaster recovery plan might not be a bad idea.

Do you have something do add? You can always send us your comments and thoughts.

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