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Coping with compliance

How IT executives can more effectively deal with with compliance needs of the enterprise's IT organization.

The following presentation was given at Data Center Decisions Spring 2005 in New York.

IT executives are increasingly tasked to accept more responsibilities beyond simply running data center mainframes and servers across the enterprise. Most recently, IT executives have been assigned the enterprise-wide responsibility to ensure that the enterprise is "compliant" with the myriad of regulations that have been promulgated in recent years.

In this session, Adrian Bowles, Principal Research Fellow, IT Strategy and Management, Robert Frances Group, discusses:

  • The requirements for an enterprise to become (and remain) compliant
  • How IT can lead the formulation and implementation of a compliance strategy
  • How a compliance strategy should be linked to existing business/IT processes such as disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC), data protection, records retention, etc. – all components of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
  • How IT can lead the compliance effort without creating chaos in the organization and disrupting the enterprises' ongoing business.

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