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Cooling data centers: A look toward the future

Expert Steve Madara gives you a glimpse into the future of cooling the data center.

What inroads are being taken so that data center managers can buy blades without having to rethink their cooling strategy?

There are supplemental cooling systems that extend beyond just the available cooling modules on the market as of today. Look for a system that will work in a plug and play environment where you can add cooling on demand whether it's for one rack or several racks together. In addition, some systems allow you to interweave the circuits to provide redundancy. By putting units on different circuits on adjacent racks, if one loop is down, the second loop can pick up most of the capacity. This is because as the entering air temperature increases, the capacity of the cooling module increases.

Additionally, new cooling modules of higher capacity and alternate configurations will be available in the near future. This will allow end users to deploy current modules and then replace just the cooling modules to be redeployed without changing the infrastructure. Additionally, several server OEMs are planning to incorporate Liebert XD technology inside the rack thus extending this infrastructure platform well out into the future. This will allow the data center manager to deploy the supplemental solutions infrastructure today and add or replace individual modules without the need to rethink the cooling strategy or replace the cooling technology.

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