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Cooling and heating in the data center

This guide address all the issues from selecting the most power efficient servers to finding power supplies to disasters and securing the equipment within.

Today's data centers are hot - literally. Here's information about keeping them cool.

  • Cooling servers, case by case | 12 Jan 2006 
    ARTICLE - Server cooling startup, Degree Controls Inc., is rolling out a new system of fans and sensors customized to direct cool air to where it's needed most and cut down on cooling waste. 


  • Liquid-cooled refrigerants solve density hot spots | 20 Dec 2005
    ARTICLE - Experts say traditional data center cooling isn't cutting it in some situations. As a result, data center pros with density headaches are using liquid cooling.


  • Hot spots not-so-hot in the data center
    Submitted By: | 04 Oct 2005
    EXPERT ANSWER - What are some of the options for blocking the holes cut in tiles for cables? Expert Robert McFarlane answers.


  • Obtaining reasonably accurate numbers for actual power consumption is difficult enough
    Submitted By: | 18 Sept 2005
    EXPERT ANSWER - A reader questioned expert Robert McFarlane on his article "Cooling Blade Servers" from July 21, 2005. See how he defended himself.


  • Cooling racksSubmitted By: | 18 Sep 2005
    EXPERT ANSWER - Expert Robert McFarlane tells readers what he thinks about cooling racks.


  • Heating and cooling playbookSubmitted by: | 08 Apr 2005
    PLAYBOOK - Need help keeping your new blades and ultra-high density server racks from overheating your data center? Our heating and cooling playbook will show you the ropes to keep things cool.

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