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Chapter 5 of "The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5"

Chapter 5 of "The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5" describes installation and configuration of MySQL Administrator and using SQL commands in Query Browser.

Apress' Definitive guide to MySQL 5, Third edition reflects the latest version of MySQL and includes a discussion of the newest features: views, stored procedures, triggers and spatial data types. Readers will also be introduced to third-party tools like phpAdmin and

Chapter 5 -- MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser -- explains how to install and configure MySQL Administrator and describes how to use SQL commands in Query Browser.

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Chapter 5, "MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser," is excerpted from Definitive guide to MySQL 5 by Michael Kofler, published in September 2005, by Apress (ISBN: 1-59059-535-1). Copyright © 2005, Apress. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission by Apress.

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