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Chapter 3, Working with GNOME, from "Fedora 7 Unleashed"

Get an in-depth lesson on GNOME, Fedora's desktop environment, in Chapter 3 of Fedora 7 Unleashed.

Fedora 7 Unleashed (SAMS), the latest in the Unleashed series, covers all of Fedora's software packages, including info on new applications, Web development, peripherals, programming languages and more. .

Chapter 3 – Working with GNOME – introduces you to GNOME (Gnu Network Object Model Environment), Fedora's GUI based on the X Windows System. Andrew and Paul Hudson guide you through the desktop environment, showing you the basics: how to configure your GNOME system and how to get started running it.

Read the chapter in this PDF.

This chapter is an excerpt from the book, Fedora 7 Unleashed , authored by Andrew and Paul Hudson, published by SAMS, August, 2007, (ISBN 0-672-32942-5). Copyright © 2008.

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